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Articles authored by some of the Indian Media Ambassadors


Articles written by some of the Indian Media Ambassadors (2017) about a variety of topics have started appearing in Indian and German media. Links to some of those articles can be found below: 

Sukhada Tatke_Leitkultur (appeared on the 18th May, 2017 in

Vineet Gill_Dachau stands still (appeared on the 26th May, 2017 in Business Line)

Nimish Sawant_Germany loves rockstar Barack Obama
(appeared on the 28th May, 2017 in

Radhika Santhanam_Barack Obama:Still a rockstar (appeared on the 30th May, 2017 in

Namrata Acharya_Brexit and US Trade protectionism
(appeared on the 6th June, 2017 in

Vineet Gill_Point and shoot:operating a camera in the age of suerveillance and espionage (appeared on the 10th June, 2017 in

Radhika Santhanam_Munich shooting (appeared on the 13th June, 2017 in

Namrata Acharya_SBI cautious in India but looking to increase corporate lending in Europe (appeared in the 17th June, 2017 in

Vineet Gill_Value Judgement:an artist's guide on how to survive the marketplace (appeared on the 24th June, 2017 in

Radhika Santhanam_Tackling hate speech on social media
(appeared on the 24th June, 2017 in

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