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    • Articles authored by some of the German Media Ambassadors
    • 19.09.2016
    • Newspaper articles, television and radio reports produced by some of the German Media Ambassadors (2016) on a variety of topics, have started appearing in Indian and German media. Links to some of those articles can be found below:Irmgard Wutscher_Print is not dead (appeared on the 15th September, 2016 on ...

    • German fellows have arrived in Chennai
    • 07.09.2016
    • Eight German journalists from various media houses have arrived in Chennai as fellows of the Media Ambassadors India – Germany Program for the year 2016. The academic program at the Asian College of Journalism in Chennai has specially been designed taking into consideration various areas of ...

    • Indian Journalists have arrived in Germany
    • 14.04.2016
    • The academic program at the International Media Center at the University of Applied Sciences in Hamburg has specially been designed taking various areas of interest of the Indian fellows into consideration. As a part of the academic courses, a lecture series was held dealing with a variety of topics, e.g. ...

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