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Media Ambassadors India – Germany

Understanding of each other and knowledge about each other.
For international understanding. Against prejudices and ignorance.

The perception of Germans and Indians is largely defined and influenced by the media. An increase in reporting, however, does not necessarily lead to a better understanding of each other. Very often, stereotypes and prejudices determine people’s opinion on both sides.

It is a tremendous challenge to gain an overview of the entire spectrum of phenomena that are linked to India’s rise to global leadership as well as Germany's role in Europe and the world. Likewise, both countries' society, culture and politics cannot be understood through a few catchy headlines alone. A more varied and indepth reporting can help fostering knowledge and understanding of each other. The Robert Bosch Stiftung and the Center for Media Competence at the University of Tübingen have therefore decided to contribute to the improvement of cultural understanding and partnerships between India and Germany.

For this to happen, a better mutual understanding is needed, which will be provided by the "Medienbotschafter India - Germany", media ambassadors that spread the word.
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