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Alumni Association

As a part of the Alumni activities of the "Media Ambassadors India – Germany" program, an alumni association has been formed. This association is named as the Indo-German Media Network (Deutsch-Indisches Mediennetzwerk e.V.) and will be open not only for the Alumni of the program but also journalists, media professionals who have a special interest in Indo-German relations. 
The Media Network aims at strengthening the media ties between the two countries and shall do so by organising regular events on relevant topics in an Indo-German context, offering Tandem scholarships to groups of Indian and German journalists wishing to pursue a journalistic project together.

To commemorate the founding of this Media Network, two events had been scheduled. The first was held on the 14th November, 2016 in New Delhi on the topic of "Media and the rise of right wing politics". Speakers at this event were Britta Petersen (Observer Research Foundation) and Dr. Vipul Mudgal (Centre for the Study of Developing Societies). 

The second event was held on the 8th of December, 2016 in Berlin on the topic of "The Future of Europe - where does Europe go from here". As a part of this event, questions like Could the European Union fall apart? Where has it gone wrong? What is necessary to re-establish a connection between the EU and its people? Furthermore, how is the EU viewed from the outside? How do emerging global heavyweights like India assess the state of the Union? Has the EU lost its appeal? were addressed. Amongst the distinguished speakers were Richard Kühnel (Head of the Representation of the European Commission in Germany), Abhishek Singh (Deputy Chief of Mission, Embassy of India Berlin), Rolf-Dieter Krause (Journalist, former Head of the ARD Bureau Brussels), Dr. Garima Mohan (Research Associate, Global Public Policy Institute) and Jürgen Osterhage (Moderator, ARD Correspondent).

In the year 2017, there were two events that were organised by the Indo-German Media Network. 
The first event was a lecture series held at the end of August across three cities in India on the topic of the German elections and Media coverage. Two Alumni of the program, Ms. Petra Sorge and Ms. Julia Jaroschewski delivered these lectures. The lectures were held at three journalism schools across India: the Asian College of Journalism in Chennai, the Symbiosis Institute of Media and Communication in Pune and at the Kalindi college of the Delhi University in New Delhi. The lectures were well recevied by the staff and students of these journalism schools. 

On 10th November, 2017 a panel discussion on "India and Germany - a new climate leadership and the quest for renewable energy" was organized in the context of India Week Hamburg. The discussion was hosted in cooperation with the International Media Center of the HAW Hamburg.
Some of the topics that were discussed were: The future of energy- and climate-politics in India: What needs to be done to fulfill international and national climate-goals? Are the current strategies leading the right way and if not - what could be done better? How can both allies -India and Germany - work on this together?
It was an interesting evening with the panelists Chandra Bhushan, Joachim Betz and Dr. Rajnish Tiwari. The moderator was Julia Wadhawan, Freelance journalist Hamburg, an Alumna of the program and member of the executive board of the Indo-German Media Network. 

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