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Alumni Association

As a part of the Alumni activities of the "Media Ambassadors India – Germany" program, an alumni association has been formed. This association is named as the Indo-German Media Network (Deutsch-Indisches Mediennetzwerk e.V.) and will be open not only for the Alumni of the program but also journalists, media professionals who have a special interest in Indo-German relations. The Media Network aims at strengthening the media ties between the two countries and shall do so by organising regular events on relevant topics in an Indo-German context, offering Tandem scholarships to groups of Indian and German journalists wishing to pursue a journalistic project together.

The last event of the Indo-German Media Network took place on the 7th December 2019. The annual meeting started at 2pm in the India International Centre in New-Delhi. The alumni and fellows of our program participated in an IGMN workshop on Open Source Journalism Toosl conducted by Venkatesh HR, director Media literacy at Boom Live and Journalism fellows at Stanford University. It was quite enlightening and they got a great lay of the land when it comes to using open source tools to avoid surveillance to those used to enhanced story telling.


After a tea break at 4pm IGMN an agenda discussion with members took place. This was followed by a wonderful panel discussion on India - EU relations and China's impact on economy and politics  chaired by Maya Mirchandani, Senior fellwow ORF, and Constantino Xavier, fellow Carnegie India, and moderated by our alumna Sunaina Kumar with some great German insights provided by Hans Christian Winkler, spokesperson of the German Embassy New Delhi.  


After the panel discussion was time left for high tea and Networking with other participants of the meeting. 

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