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    • Jitendra Choubey

      Senior correspondent, Down to Earth

      Jitendra Choubey is a senior correspondent with Asia’s premier Environment and Development fortnightly magazine Down To Earth. He studied journalism and trained in Broadcast journalism. He has been covering rural India and Africa, with a focus on agriculture, food security, forest, energy, wildlife, tribal rights, climate change, natural resources management, and the overarching governance issues. During his stay in Germany, he will focus on the volatile Dairy economics in Europe and how it is impacting small farmers of India. He will also look into Germany’s stint with renewable energy, environment and forest conservation history. During his time in Germany, he will work with the editorial department at the magazine Geo. 

    • Uttaran Das Gupta

      Deputy news editor, Business standard

      Uttaran Das Gupta is deputy news editor with Business Standard in New Delhi, where he edits the opinion and news pages. He also writes two columns: Frames per Second on cinema and Verse Affairs on literature. He regularly reports on art and cultural events, and reviews books, films and technology. During his stay in Germany, he intends to look the politics of architectural renovation in Dresden and the influence of Franz Osten on the German film industry and his association with Indian cinema. During his time in Germany, he will work with the editorial department at the Deutsche Welle. 

    • Alexandra Eul

      Editor, Emma

      Alexandra Eul is a journalist based in Cologne and one of the editors of EMMA, Europe's oldest and largest feminist magazine. She writes about global women's rights issues and technology. In 2017, she was rewarded the Arthur F. Burns Fellowship and worked as a visiting journalist for the Canadian daily newspaper The Globe and Mail in Toronto. She earned her M.A. in Theatre-, Film- and Television Studies, Psychology and Political Science from the University of Cologne and her M.A. in Journalism from Hamburg Media School. During her stay in India, she intends to focus on women's achievements in their fight for equal rights as well as the challenges women and girls are facing in their daily life.

    • Lennart Herberhold

      Editor, ARD/NDR

      Lennart Herberhold is an editor working mainly in the area of culture for the German public broadcasting stations of ARD and NDR. During his time in India, he wants to look at the current art scene, Urban Development and the philosophy of Jugaad or upcycling.

    • Taran Khan

      Independent journalist

      Taran N Khan is an independent journalist based in Mumbai and writes mostly on issues of culture, gender, identity and conflicts. Her work has appeared in several publications across the world, including The Caravan,, Guernica and Gulf News. During this fellowship, she plans to write on cultural production among Germany's immigrant communities. During her time in Germany, she will work with the editorial department at the Hamburger Abendblatt. 

    • Omkar Khandekar

      Independent journalist

      Omkar Khandekar is an independent journalist and photographer from Mumbai. He specialises in long-form investigative features and has reported from India, United Kingdom and the Maldives. His works are regularly published in magazines such as Open, GQ, Caravan and During this fellowship, he will be researching on the left-wing movements, drug-addiction among the elderly and the many disciplines of yoga in Germany. During his time in Germany, he will work with the editorial department at the Der Spiegel.  

    • Diya Kohli

      Journalist, Mint Lounge

      Diya Kohli is a Mumbai-based journalist with Mint Lounge. Over the last ten years of her career, she has worked as a books editor for publishing houses as well as a writer with a range of publications including National Geographic Traveller India, The Telegraph and The New Indian Express. As a food, travel and culture journalist, her writing is driven by intersections between people and their diverse geographies, histories and cultures. While in Germany, she will explore stories around food, memory and migration and look at Indo-German exchanges in the area of publishing. During her time in Germany, she will work with the editorial department at taz.  

    • Julia Lauter

      Independent journalist

      Julia Lauter is an independent journalist based in Hamburg. She has worked for various newspapers and magazines and is an established contributor to the ‘Greenpeace Magazine’. In her writings, she focuses on environmental and social movements. During her time in India, she plans to engage in research and publish about pioneering environmental start-ups, the interaction of megacities with their natural habitat and economic ties between India and Germany.

    • Chaitanya Marpakwar

      Principal correspondent, Mumbai Mirror

      Chaitanya Marpakwar is a principal correspondent with the Mumbai Mirror in Mumbai where he covers the civic and politics beat. He has made an impact with campaign reporting to keep city parks open longer, to improve footpaths for pedestrians, upgrade street lighting and provide more public toilets. He was a recipient of the Asia Journalism Fellowship (2017) and has won the Ramnath Goenka award for excellence in journalism (2016). He is a law graduate and also speaks Mandarin. Additionally, he recently received the RedInk Journalism Award in the Mumbai Star Reporter category for his impactful city reporting. In Germany, his reporting will focus on Germany’s fight against fake news and the fact checking industry there. During his time in Germany, he will work with the editorial department at the Stuttgarter Zeitung. 

    • Digbijay Mishra

      Business journalist, The Times of India

      Digbijay Mishra is a business journalist, currently working with The Times of India in Bengaluru. For the past few years, he has been closely tracking the startup ecosystem in India, reporting extensively from the tech capital on one of the most energetic sectors in the new economy. Previously, he has reported from New Delhi and Kolkata on conglomerates and the pharmaceutical industry. During his time in Germany, he intends to look at the startup ecosystem there and also at the contribution of immigrants to the German economy. During his time in Germany, he will work with the editorial department at Handelsblatt. 

    • Siddharthya Roy

      Independent journalist

      Siddharthya Roy is a programmer turned journalist. He has reported on a wide range of topics encompassing politics, conflict and cyber security. His most recent works include studies on the rise of the Islamic State in South Asia and surveillance in the Indian biometric database. He has recently been named the Pulitzer Crisis reporting fellow for 2018 for his investigative work with the Islamic State in South Asia. During his time in Germany, he will work with the editorial department at the Süddeutsche Zeitung. 

    • Julia Schäfer

      Independent journalist

      Julia Schäfer is an independent radio journalist based in Leipzig, working for various public-broadcasting stations across Germany. Through the BBC World Service in London, the ARD studio in Brussels and the EBU Master School on Radio Features she gained cross-cultural professional experiences. After graduating in Journalism and British studies, she has focused on in-depth radio formats like history reports, reportages and features. During her stay in India, she will feed her audio blog with new sounds apart from working on stories about organic agriculture and gender issues.

    • Lena Töpler

      Independent journalist

      Lena Töpler is an independent journalist based in Berlin. She has studied International Journalism in Wales and is a freelance producer at the Thomson Reuters TV German service. Her radio-documentaries from Cuba, Spain and Germany got broadcasted by the SWR2. During her time in India, she will be researching the thriving comedy scene in Mumbai and focus her research on environmental matters, such as the question how polluted air has an impact on day-to-day lives.

    • Iris Völlnagel

      Reporter, ARD

      Iris Voellnagel works as a news reporter for the public broadcasting network ARD. She mainly covers topics from the eastern part of Germany. While in India she is looking forward to gather a better understanding of the country and it’s people. She intends to work on agriculture and science related topics.

    • Angela Weiss

      Independent journalist

      Angela Weiß is an independent journalist based in Bremen. With a background of cross-media studies and documentary filmmaking, she focuses on multimedia-productions by combining text, sound, film, and photography. Her work has been widely published, among others at Spiegel Online, Süddeutsche Zeitung, NDR, and Deutsche Welle. Moreover, she works as a news reporter at Radio Bremen and realizes video-productions for different institutions. While in India, she will look into new technologies in craftsmanship as well as the liberalization of the traditional concept of arranged marriages.

    • Thomas Winkler

      Independent journalist

      Thomas Winkler is an independent Journalist based in Berlin. He has been working with different German print and online media for more than 30 years. He writes largely about music, film, media, sports and topics related to culture and society. His work has appeared in taz – die tageszeitung, Die Zeit, Spiegel Online, Cicero, Frankfurter Rundschau, Musikexpress, Rolling Stone and others. At the moment, he is a pop music editor with two Berlin city magazines tip and zitty. During his time in India, he wants to look at changing food consumption patterns and modern music trends. 


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