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Fellows 2019

    • Sanjana Bhalerao

      Principal correspondent, Indian Express

      Sanjana Bhalerao is a principal correspondent with the Indian Express in Mumbai where she covers the civic and environment beat. She previously worked with the Hindustan Times. She writes largely on civic issues- city's waste management, depleting open spaces, affordable housing and other developmental issues. During her fellowship, she plans to research on gentrification in Germany with a focus on citizen movements and plastic ban. During her stay in Germany, she will work closely with the Editorial Department at Die Welt in Berlin.

    • Neeraj Chauhan

      Associate Editor, Hindustan Times

      Neeraj Chauhan is Associate Editor with Hindustan Times. Till recently, he was an Assistant Editor with The Times of India and worked in the political bureau. As an investigative journalist with an experience of over 13 years, he has extensively reported on crime, external and internal security matters, economic offences, terrorism and political developments in the country. During his stay in Germany, he intends to research the development of Germany’s policies in the backdrop of migration crisis and their impact on the social, economic, cultural, political and internal security structure of the country. He is also interested in studying Germany’s prison management and also counter measures taken by Germany to deal with rising extremism. During his stay in Germany, he will work closely with the Editorial Department at Tagesspiegel in Berlin. 

    • Amrita Das

      Independent journalist

      Amrita Das is an independent journalist based in Kolkata. She writes on travel and culture, and narrates how history, geography and sustainability affect them. She has published in reputed publications worldwide including National Geographic Traveller India, Lonely Planet Magazine India, The Indian Express and World Travel Magazine. During her time in Germany, she plans to explore the local traditional cultural elements and connecting them to sustainability and gender roles. During her stay in Germany, she will work closely with the Editorial Department at Süddeutsche Zeitung in Munich.

    • Avik Das

      Principal correspondent, Times of India

      Avik Das is an insurance underwriter turned journalist and currently a principal correspondent for the business bureau in The Times of India, working out of Bengaluru. Over the last four years, he has been closely tracking real estate, retail and the liquor sector in India. Prior to this, he was with Reuters News Agency. During his stint in Germany, he intends to focus on the booming commercial office space market of the country with special attention to Berlin. During his stay in Germany, he will work closely with the Editorial Department at Wirtschaftswoche in Berlin. 

    • Helene Endres

      Editor, Harvard Business Review

      Helene Endres works as an editor at the German edition of the Harvard Business Review. She writes about management topics with a focus on leadership-development, diversity and organizational structures. She has visited the Henri-Nannen-Journalistenschule in Hamburg and worked with multiple organizations like manager magazin and SPIEGEL ONLINE. In 2012 she co-founded the initiative ProQuote Medien, which substantially changed the male-only-leadership in German media. During her fellowship, she plans to research on female Indian entrepreneurs as well as to take a closer look at German-Indian business co-operations. During her time in India, she will work closely with the Business Desk at the Times of India in Bangalore. 

    • Holger Fröhlich

      Independent journalist

      Holger Fröhlich is an independent journalist based out of Hamburg. He has been closely working with the economic magazine brandeins. He is primarily interested in the socio-economic contexts while working on any story – be it the interviews, reportages or the portraits he has done for Die Zeit, the Greenpeace Magazin, brandeins and other publications. Through his monthly column and a series of talks, he has been instrumental in translating complex issues into a simple understandable language for his audience. At the moment he is involved as a project leader and author for an international art project in Romania. During his time in India, he intends to look at water crisis in metropolitan cities like Bangalore and also at the Indian society at large, which is undergoing a lot of changes. During his time in India, he will work closely with the editorial department at The Caravan in New Delhi. 

    • Verena Hölzl

      Independent journalist

      Verena Hölzl is an independent journalist, currently based in Rangoon, Myanmar. She moved to Myanmar in 2015 to witness the country’s transition to democracy. She has extensively written about conflict, displacement and politics and is also regularly reporting from Bangladesh. Her work has appeared in tageszeitung, NZZ, SPIEGEL Online, DW, NEON, Chrismon, The New Humanitarian and TIME. During her time in India, she wants to look at the issue of the Rohingya refugees and also at the acid attack survivors. During her time in India, she will work closely with the editorial department of the Indian Express in New Delhi.  

    • Amit Kamath

      Chief Sub-Editor,

      Amit Kamath is a chief sub-editor with the sports team at, one of India’s foremost analysis and opinion websites. Over his nearly nine-year journalism career, he has worked with multiple organisations like The Free Press Journal, Mid-Day and The Hindustan Times. He covers a wide range of sports including football, wrestling, shooting, hockey, boxing and other Olympic sports. In 2014, he was declared the runner-up in the sports category at the National RedInk Award for Excellence in Journalism for his story on Sports Authority of India's Kandivali campus where world-class athletes had to put up with appalling conditions. During his stay in Germany, he will work closely with the Editorial Department at Stuttgarter Zeitung in Stuttgart. 

    • Aaquib Khan

      Independent journalist

      Aaquib Khan is a Bombay based freelance journalist. In past few years he has reported from Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal and Afghanistan on issues of conflict, politics, human rights. His work has appeared in a series of publications such as The Caravan, IRIN, The Wire, The Diplomat. During this fellowship he plans to research on framing strategies of right-wing groups as well as the rise of nationalist media in Germany. During his stay in Germany, he will work closely with the Editorial Department at Deutsche Welle in Berlin. 

    • Marlon Kumar

      Independent journalist

      Marlon Kumar is a freelance journalist based in Cologne, who mainly works for the West German Broadcasting programs COSMO and 1LIVE. In 2018, he participated in the intercultural program WDR Grenzenlos and gained access to several journalistic workshops concerning content creation for TV, Radio and Online. He writes about cultural artefacts such as film, literature and videogames with a focus on representation of minorities (race, class, gender) and its effects on society. He is fascinated by political satire, entertainment and comedy as a valve for the oppressed and as a witty possibility for social commentary through irony. As an extension of this interest, during his stay in India, he intends to report on the female stand-up comedy scene and analyse how the stage has turned out to be a subcultural catalyst for social protest and empowered the feminist movement. During his time in India, he will work closely with the editorial department at Firstpost in Mumbai. 

    • Anorte Linsmayer

      Journalist, ARD/MDR

      Anorte Linsmayer is a journalist based out of Leipzig. She has been producing TV and radio pieces for the economics section and various television programs of the German public broadcaster ARD and MDR. She has been selected as "Top 30 under 30" being one of the 30 most talented young journalists in Germany in 2013. Her journalistic passion is research and investigative reporting. She is fascinated by storytelling on multichannel platforms and passionate about bringing her story to the people, be it via TV, online, on social media, podcast or in writing. In India, she wants to report about the economic and ecological challenges the subcontinent is facing. During her time in India, she will work closely with the editorial department of the Hindustan Times in New Delhi.  

    • Kai Rüsberg

      Independent journalist

      Kai Rüsberg is an independent journalist based out of Bochum. He is an experienced journalist for electronic media in Germany: radio and television broadcasters and online sites. He has created a vast number of television and radio contributions for major European broadcasters, many of them live. He has worked as an author, editor, researcher, and producer and has advanced knowledge in production of TV and audio, including 360 virtual reality journalism.He has also worked as a trainer for professional journalists in Germany and abroad focusing on mobile journalism (#MoJo) trainings. Additionally, he is also a speaker for innovative media development and journalistic transition. During his time in India, he would like to look at a variety of topics surrounding the broader issue of climate change – be it air pollution, sustainable energy, smart and sustainable city development. During his time in India, he will work closely with the editorial department of Down to Earth in New Delhi. 

    • Lisa Rieger

      Journalist, Kurier

      Lisa Rieger is a journalist based out of Vienna, Austria. Currently, she is a fulltime-journalist at the daily Austrian newspaper Kurier. Before that, she worked for the renowned ORF Vienna and gained experience at the Austrian spin-off of Neue Zürcher Zeitung, Rieger studied political science and has always been interested in social topics. She mainly covers stories about migration, refugees and urban development. She is also very passionate about the human faces behind any story and makes it a point to portray them through her storytelling. During her time in India, she intends to cover women’s issues and urban topics. During her time in India, she will work closely with the editorial department of The Hindu in Mumbai. 

    • Kennith Rosario

      Journalist and film critic, The Hindu

      Kennith Rosario is a journalist and film critic with The Hindu, based in Mumbai. Deeply invested in the arts and storytelling, he writes features on cinema, literature and culture. His focus has been on analysing the socio-political context of films, especially with regards to queer, class and minority representation. He previously worked with India Today television channel on their morning bulletins. In 2018, he was selected for the Berlinale Talents as a critic and journalist. While studying at the Asian College of Journalism, he was invited by the Global Investigative Journalism Network to participate in the Uncovering Asia conference in Manila. During his undergraduate studies at St. Xavier's College, Mumbai, he was awarded the Betty and Donald Keating scholarship to study Creative Writing and Literary Criticism at the University of Oxford. In Germany, he plans to write on queer refugees, German indie films, the popularity of Indian independent cinema and the lost legacy of Magnus Hirschfeld. During his stay in Germany, he will work closely with the Editorial Department at tazzwei in Berlin. 


    • Priti Salian

      Independent journalist

      Priti Salian is an independent, online and print journalist, based out of Bangalore. She writes on culture, human rights, social justice and development with a focus on disability, gender, healthcare and education. Her work has been published in National Geographic, The Guardian, BBC, Devex, and Mint, among others. In November 2017, she was invited to give a TEDx talk at Bangalore on why it is important to put marginalised communities in the collective conscience of the world. During her stay in Germany, Priti intends to cover the country’s model approach to deal with its ageing population, its disability innovations and transphobia in healthcare. During her stay in Germany, she will work closely with the Editorial Department at Kölner Stadtanzeiger in Köln.

    • Anne-Sophie Schmidt

      Independent journalist

      Anne-Sophie Schmidt is a Berlin-based independent journalist, author of articles and radio features on culture, with a focus on social and gender issues. She hosted a student radio show on literature and has worked for public radio stations such as Rundfunk Berlin Brandenburg and Bayerischer Rundfunk. Her articles have been published in Der Tagesspiegel. During her fellowship, she intends to explore the role mental health issues play in the Indian public discourse while also looking at how social and political aspects such as women's rights, suicide and the environment are being dealt with in an alternative comic/graphic novel culture. During her time in India, she will work closely with the editorial department of the Logical Indian in Bangalore. 

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