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Is there an age restriction for applicants?

The Medienbotschafter program seeks to support exceptional young journalists to enhance their skills in intercultural communication and the production of high-quality journalism. However, there is no age limit for applicants. The program is open to all professional journalists from India and Germany.

In what language should I apply? May I submit the application in MS Word Format via Email? 

The language for your application is English. Applications that are sent ONLY via the online application form shall be considered during the selection process. You need to combine all the documents in the prescribed order in a single PDF Document before uploading it on the portal.  

My work samples are in German or another language that is not English. Should I translate these into English?

No. Work samples should be supplied in their original format accompanied by a brief synopsis of the story. A translation is not required. 

Concerning the working language: What level of English is required to take part in the Medienbotschafter program?

The applicant should be able to communicate in fluent English. A TOEFL certificate or other documents are not required. If you have a certificate you may attach it to your application.

How does the selection process work?

The program usually receives substantially more submissions than fellowships available. After the submission deadline the most promising candidates will be put on a shortlist and are invited to an interview (in English) with the selection committee. The final eight fellows will be announced two weeks latest after the interview sessions.

How many years of relevant work experience should applicants have?

Applicants must have at least two years of relevant work experience.

Are only print journalists encouraged to apply?

No. The program is open to journalists from all types of media. Applications from TV, radio and multimedia journalists are equally welcome.

Is there a specialty (i.e. business, technology reporting, civil society) that is given greater preference?


Many of the previous Media Ambassadors have come from well-known media companies, and I work for a smaller local media company.How important are job titles and media affiliation?

We focus on journalistic skills. The job title of a candidate has no bearing in the selection process. We treat all applicants the same, regardless of their employer. In fact, we do prefer diversity of media background among applicants.

Does the application deadline include the date displayed on the website (e.g. January 15)? What is the exact hour of the deadline?

Yes. For Indian applicants, applications must be submitted before midnight New Delhi time. For German applicants, applications must be submitted before midnight Berlin time. We strongly recommend avoiding last-minute submissions.

As a broadcast or multimedia journalist: Should I send audio or video files with my application?

Please do not send audio or video files, CDs or DVDs. We kindly ask radio or TV journalists to describe one or more work samples in a text. Applicants should make relevant work available online. The descriptions and the web links should be part of the single PDF document that the applicant submits online.

Can Indian or German foreign correspondents also apply for a fellowship in the Medienbotschafter program? 
In general, the program prefers journalists without previous posting experience. But in case you have some experience in working in the partner country, yet strongly interested in the program, feel free to apply. 

Can the deadline for submission of the application be extended on a personal request?
No. Unfortunately, it will not be possible to extend the deadline for the program since it involves a lot of planning and time constraints. But since this program will be running at regular intervals, we do hope that you will be able to apply the next time. Do keep checking the website at regular intervals. 

How many investigation plans do I need to suggest? One as mentioned on the online description or three as mentioned in the online application Form?  
The three topics are supposed to be alternatives for the case that you realize that working on the topic you proposed as the main topic is turning out to be difficult. Or also for the case that you wrap up your investigation on your main plan earlier than you thought and can pursue one of the other two topics you propose in your application. These three topics should be mentioned on the form briefly. We need an elaborate investigation plan for the main topic you propose to pursue if you were to get the fellowship - roughly the length of an A4 Paper. The other two plans of investigation can be submitted in a shorter format - roughly the length of half of an A4 Paper. 

If I get selected, will I be placed into a newsroom for the job shadowing part without prior consultation?
No. In case that you are selected, we will have intense discussions with you about the newsrooms/publications you would like to work with and come up with an individual preference list. There is no particular set list of partners that we would force you to go to. At the same time, we also cannot always guarantee that you get to work in the newsroom that you want since it largely also depends on the capacity of the host editorial department. If the first preferred editorial department declines, we think of alternatives together with the fellow and try to look at other options.
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