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Impressions by Aaquib Khan

Songs like “Adolf Hitler is our Führer” have been sung in this tiny village in northeast Germany. It is known as Jamel. A notorious small village of some 40 inhabitants is mostly occupied by extremist neo-Nazis. A no-go zone for foreigners, Jamel is just a microcosm of the rising tide of right-wing extremism in Germany.

What took me to this village this August was a courageous couple who lives there: Birgit and Horst Lohmeyer, the barricade against the creeping right-wing extremism in the village. They were harassed and forced to live in a constant threat from their far-right neighbors for years. But instead of surrendering and leaving the village, the couple decided to fight back the Nazi ideology.

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Every year in August they organize Jamel rockt den Förster, a non-profit rock music festival, promoting 'democracy and tolerance'. Hundreds of people from different walks of life gather every year with a message Liebe für alle (Love for all) and Kein Platz für Nazis (No place for Nazis). There are many good memories I am carrying along from Germany, but this is one of the best experiences of my life.

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