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Impressions by Lennart Herberhold

Recently, we asked our German fellows about their general impression of India and asked for particular places, persons or experiences, that influenced their perception of the country. Lennart Herberhold sent us a picture, he took in Chennai:

"I took this photo near a landfill at the edge of Chennai. People from an NGO supporting waste pickers had taken us there. While we were talking, a huge excavator was slowly moving through a canal filled with garbage. „It is supposed to keep the sludge moving“, we were told. After about an hour, the excavator slowly stilted ist way back to land, while a man who lived in  the neighbourhood watched the strange spectacle.

This moment got stuck in my mind. Again and again during the last three months, I met people trying to make their lifes a little better. Again and again, I met great women and men - journalists, NGO founders, activists -  who fought every day to change their country. A huge task, an enormous labour. This photo for me symbolizes a whole country struggling to move forward."


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