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Impressions by Martin Jahrfeld

The common man in Mumbai...
is riding a local train between his home and his workplace. Back and forth. Day after day. He carries a black rucksack which is hanging a bit too low on his back. He lives in Andheri or Borivali or Navi Mumbai or even further out. He works as an accountant in an office or as a sales guy in a shop or as a security guard in front of a high rise building. He once was full of dreams and ambitions but now he is trapped in a train between people who are as trapped as he is. He already realizes that he will not get any further and has fallen far behind his once hopeful plans and aspirations. He has a wife and two children. Money is always short. During peak hours the trains are so packed that he can hardly breathe. He hates the thick air of sweat and cheap mustard oil. He tries to get some entertainment out of his smartphone but he knows its only a distraction thats leads him nowhere. He has learned to be patient. They have told him that patience will bring rewards. But there are no rewards. Life is boring and people are rude. How can he exit?

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