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Impressions by Sam Abraham

I'm not used to getting overly comfortable in public spaces - it's not common in India (but not completely alien). Germany, and I suppose other parts of Europe as well, live in the open. You could buy a bottle of beer and just hang out at a park or near a lake (both of which were surprisingly many in number and accessible). People bring things to get comfortable - blankets, music players, barbecue grills, whatever is fun. Even busy city centres are always crowded by people who are not in a hurry. There's music and food. And because I was living in a cramped apartment room in a hostel, it helped that I could go out, walk to the nearest park, sit, drink and eat my meal. I did not think access to clean, safe, fun public spaces for all was important, but it really is. It helps deal with stress in a way that watching a movie in your apartment just does not. I liked how 'ownership' of it was 'shared' - not belonging to anyone, not exclusive to anyone.



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