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    • Indo-German Media Network
    • 02.11.2016
    • As a part of the Alumni activities of the "Media Ambassadors India – Germany" program, an alumni association will soon be formed. This association shall be named as the Indo-German Media Network (Deutsch-Indisches Mediennetzwerk) and will be open not only for the Alumni of the program but also journalists, ...

    • Articles authored by some of the German Media Ambassadors
    • 19.09.2016
    • Newspaper articles, television and radio reports produced by some of the German Media Ambassadors (2016) on a variety of topics, have started appearing in Indian and German media. Links to some of those articles can be found below:Irmgard Wutscher_Print is not dead (appeared on the 15th September, 2016 on ...

    • German fellows have arrived in Chennai
    • 07.09.2016
    • Eight German journalists from various media houses have arrived in Chennai as fellows of the Media Ambassadors India – Germany Program for the year 2016. The academic program at the Asian College of Journalism in Chennai has specially been designed taking into consideration various areas of ...

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