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Newspaper articles, television and radio reports produced by some of the German Media Ambassadors (2015) on a variety of topics, have started appearing in Indian and German media. Links to some of those articles can be found below:

Simon Riesche_Indiens Frauen (broadcasted on n-tv Auslandsreport on the 2nd October, 2015 and begins at 00:45)

Simon Riesche_Guest on the Talkshow LeftRightCentre on NDTV on the occassion of Angela Merkel's visit to India (broadcasted on 5th October, 2015 on NDTV)

Simon Riesche_ Indiens Frauen (broadcasted on the 6th October, 2015 in RTL Nachtjournal; begins at 11:28)

Verena Patel_Angela Merkel (appeared on the 6th October, 2015 in Rheinische Post Online) 

Friederike Heine_wachsende Bevölkerung (appeared on the 8th October, 2015 in Stern)

Christoph Kober_Resettling Chennai's poor (broadcasted on the 7th October, 2015 on DW Radio)

Verena Patel_Der Dialog zwischen Indien und Deutschland stockt (appeared on the 8th October, 2015 in the Rheinische Post)

Simon Riesche_Story on "Dadri Lynching from the perspective of a foreign journalist" (broadcasted repeatedly on NDTV on 9th and 10th October, 2015)

Alexander Schwabe_Am Pranger (appeared on the 13th October, 2015 in Zeit Online) 

Friederike Heine_EU Refugee Flow (appeared on the 14th October, 2015 in The Hindu)

Christoph Kober_Thyssen Krupp (appeared on the 15th October, 2015 in The Times of India) 

Friederike Heine_Leben im Müll (appeared on the 18th October, 2015 in the Greenpeace Magazine)

Verena Patel_Parsi Panchayat Elections (appeared on the 19th October, 2015 in The Hindu) 

Christoph Kober_Bombay Stock Exchange (appeared on the 27th October, 2015 on Deutsche Welle Online) 

Friederike Heine_Kailash Satyarthi zum Thema Flüchtlingspolitik (appeared on the 28th October, 2015 on n-tv online)

Christoph Kober (with Shubham Mukherjee)_Real Estate (appeared on the 28th October, 2015 in The Times of India) 

Christoph Kober (with Shubham Mukherjee)_NTT Data Centre (appeared on the 29th October, 2015 in The Times of India)

Lalon Sander_Rajkahini (appeared on the 1st November, 2015 in The Caravan Magazine)

Verena Patel_Marry Me (appeared on the 6th November, 2015 in The Hindu)

Simon Riesche_Rikscha Rally (appeared on the 6th November, 2015 on n-tv)

Verena Patel_Fanatiker (appeared on  the 10th November, 2015 in Rheinische Post Online)

Verena Patel_Parsi Meet (appeared on the 11th November, 2015 in The Hindu)

Lalon Sander_Partei der glänzenden Männer (appeared on the 3rd December, 2015 in taz online)

Alexander Schwabe_Zaheer Khan (appeared on the 4th December, 2015 in Zeit Online)

Sonja Ernst_Love Commando (broadcasted on the 9th December,2015 on Deutschlandfunk Radio)

Lalon Sander_ Gegen alle Widerstände (appeared on the 23rd December, 2015 in taz online)

Sonja Ernst_Gita Press and the making of Hindu India (appeared on the 11th January, 2016 in Deutschlandfunk) 

Christoph Kober_Dharavi (broadcasted on the 16th January, 2016 on Inforadio)

Lalon Sander_Thermometerfabrik (appeared on the 17th January, 2016 in taz online) 

Verena Patel_Rebellinnen mit Grund (appeared on the 8th March, 2016 in Rheinische Post)
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