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Newspaper articles, television and radio reports produced by some of the German Media Ambassadors (2016) on a variety of topics, have started appearing in Indian and German media. Links to some of those articles can be found below:

Irmgard Wutscher_Print is not dead (appeared on the 15th September, 2016 on

Fabian Kretschmer_Kampf um eine Handvoll Wasser (appeared on the 19th September, 2016 on

Fabian Kretschmer_Indien liebäugelt mit der Prohibition (appeared on the 19th September, 2016 on

Fabian Kretschmer_Ein Streit um kostbares Nass (appeared on the 21st September, 2016 in

Irmgard Wutscher_Von A nach B (appeared on the 25th September, 2016 on

Fabian Kretschmer_Indien und die Prohibition (appeared on the 29th September, 2016 on

Irmgard Wutscher_Nüchtern bleiben (appeared on the 29th Septmber, 2016 on

Fabian Kretschmer_Chirurgischer Schlag im Dunkeln (appeared on the 30th September, 2016 in

Fiona Weber-Steinhaus_Darf man Bilder von Schlangenbeschwörern zeigen?
 (appeared on the 1st October, 2016 in Geo magazine)

Fabian Kretschmer_Für eine Handvoll Wasser (appeared on the 6th October, 2016 in the Wiener Zeitung)

Irmgard Wutscher_Bandra Buzz (appeared on the 12th October, 2016 on

Fabian Kretschmer_Megacity Delhi (appeared on the 14th October, 2016 in Die Tageszeitung) 

Petra Sorge_Trump reminds voters (appeared on the 16th October, 2016 on

Julia Wadhawan_Kastenruhen in Indien (appeared on the 18th October, 2016 on

Julia Jaroschewski_Vergewaltigungen in Indien (appeared on the 20th October, 2016 on

Karola Körber_Dharavi. Das heimliche Herz (appeared on the 20th October,2016 on

Petra Sorge_Paid to speak (appeared on the 23rd October, 2016 on 

Karola Körber_Pur+ in Indien
 (appeared on the 24th October, 2016 on

Fabian Kretschmer_Kaschmir Konflikt erreicht Bollywood (appeared on the 24th October, 2016 in Der Standard)

Irmgard Wutscher_It's all in the skin tone (appeared on the 27th October, 2016 in The Hindu)

Fabian Kretschmer_Im Land der Witwen und Waisen (appeared on the 28th October, 2016 on

Irmgard Wutscher_Küssen erlaubt, Pakistanis verboten (appeared on the 28th October, 2016 on

Julia Wadhawan_Die zweite Jugaad revolution
 (appeared on the 30th October, 2016 on

Fabian Kretschmer_Delhis erste Busfahrerin (appeared on the 31st October, 2016 on

Irmgard Wutscher_Es knallt und leuchtet (appeared on the 2nd November, 2016 on

Petra Sorge_A German in an Indian Newsroom (appeared on the 4th November, 2016 on 

Julia Jaroschewski_Slumdog Lebenskünstler (appeared on the 6th November, 2016 in Mittelbayerische Zeitung)

Fabian Kretschmer_Chirurgischer Schlag gegen Korruption (appeared on the 9th November, 2016 on

Fabian Kretschmer_Wie Indiens Bauern in den Suizid getrieben werden (appeared on the 9th November,2016 on 

Petra Sorge_Demonetisation:I suffered, then realised I was a rich foreigner with privileges (appeared on the 9th November, 2016 on

Petra Sorge_Das Hindi Versprechen (appeared on the 9th November, 2016 in Der Tagesspiegel)

Irmgard Wutscher_Sex and the city of dreams (appeared on the 11th November, 2016 on

Julia Jaroschewski_Frauen nutzen Apps für mehr Sicherheit (appeared on the 12th November, 2016 on

Fabian Kretschmer_Modis Bargeld Reform als Sozial-Experiment (appeared on the 14th November, 2016 on

Fabian Kretschmer_Gut gedacht, schlecht gemacht
 (appeared on the 14th November, 2016 on

Petra Sorge_Not Mother Angela
 (appeared on the 14th November, 2016 on 

Irmgard Wutscher_Großer Wurf oder gefährliches Sozialexperiment? (appeared on the 16th November, 2016 on

Karola Körber_What being a German journalist in an Indian Newsroom feels like (appeared on the 18th November, 2016 on

Petra Sorge_Bargeldverbot in Indien. Ein brutales Sozialexperiement (appeared on the 18th November, 2016 on

Fabian Kretschmer_Den Schein wahren (appeared on the 20th November, 2016 on

Petra Sorge_We the people (appearance at 47:50 on the NDTV Show We The People hosted by Barkha Dutt on the 20th November, 2016)

Irmgard Wutscher_Entlang Mumbais Herzschlagader (appeared on the 25th November, 2016 on

Julia Wadhawan_Überfall im Namen der Regierung (appeared on the 26th November, 2016 in Wirtschaftswoche) 

Fiona Weber Steinhaus_Das Chaos nach Indiens Bargeldreform (appeared on the 29th November, 2016 on

Nina Marie Bust Bartels_Voluntourists come in search of the real India, but lap up the fake (appeared on the 4th December, 2016 on

Julia Jaroschewski_Fluch und Tabu (appeared on the 15th December, 2016 in Der Freitag) 

Karola Körber_A white skinned woman's unfair experience of racism in India (appeared on the 18th December, 2016 on 

Julia Wadhawan_Ich könnte kein Mädchen aus einer niedrigeren Kaste heiraten (appeared on the 19th December, 2016 on

Petra Sorge_People will be more distrustful towards foreigners, more careful (appeared on the 21st December, 2016 in The
Indian Express)

Petra Sorge_Angela Merkel's Terror test (appeared on the 23rd December, 2016 in The Indian Express)

Petra Sorge_India cracks down on slaughter of sacred cows (appeared on the 30th December, 2016 in USA Today)

Petra Sorge and Sunaina Kumar_India's Rupee demonetization policy creates cash crunch (appeared on the 4th January, 2017 in The Washington Times) 

Irmgard Wutscher_Gully Rap ist der Gangsta Rap Indiens
 (appeared on the 19th January, 2017 on

Karola Körber_Eric sucht das faire Tshirt (Part 1: appeared on the pur+ of the ZDF on the 21st January, 2017)  

Fiona Weber-Steinhaus_Picture please (appeared in Die Zeit on the 26th January, 2017)

Karola Körber_Eric sucht das faire Tshirt (Part 2: appeared on the pur+ of the ZDF on the 28th January, 2017)

Fiona Weber-Steinhaus_Troubled waters (appeared in The Caravan Magazine on the 1st February, 2017)

Irmgard Wutscher_Indien: Die neue Frauenrolle
 (broadcasted on on the 16th February, 2017)

Nina-Marie Bust-Bartels_Voluntourismus (broadcasted on SWR2 on the 15th March, 2017)

Fiona Weber Steinhaus_Alles für die Kuh (appeared in the Neon Magazine on the 31st March, 2017) 

Petra Sorge_Für ein paar Cent (appeared in Der Freitag on the 26th April, 2017)

Nina-Marie Bust-Bartels_Suche nach dem Anfang (broadcasted on SWR2 on the 16th May, 2017)

Nina-Marie Bust-Bartels_Von Ayurveda bis zur Herz-OP (broadcasted on SWR2 on the 18th May, 2017)

Fiona Weber-Steinhaus_Kuhschützer, Bauern und Vergewaltigungsopfer (appeared in the Neue Zürcher Zeitung on the 23rd June, 2017)
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