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The Program

The fellowship program “Media Ambassadors India – Germany” aims to attract journalists with an interest in international understanding between India and Germany. During a stay of approximately three months, Indian and German journalists gain knowledge of the other country as well as insights into journalistic theories and practices through skill enhancement courses and job-shadowing in their respective host countries. After completion of the program, fellows have a range of possibilities to further strengthen the relations between German and Indian journalists through an alumni network.

In India

German fellows going to India will take part in an academic course and experience work and study placements in well-known print, broadcasting, television or online editorial departments. In the four-week academic course that is uniquely designed for the program and takes place within the first month of their stay, the fellows will get an indepth introduction into modern Indian life and current debates. In the following eight weeks, a work-and-study placement in an Indian editorial department offers the unique opportunity to gain a thorough insight into India’s media practices and to connect with Indian journalists. During this time, the fellows will also have time to pursue their own research ideas. In addition, there will be a field trip to a selected region in India, which will last for several days.

In Germany

Indian fellows coming to Germany will participate in a one-month academic course at Center for Media Competence at the University of Tübingen, before putting their newly acquired knowledge into practice at editorial departments in Hamburg or Berlin for eight weeks. During this time, the fellows will also have time to pursue their own research ideas. A field trip within Germany, lasting for several days, will be an important additional asset of the program.

The three months stay includes

  • travel costs
  • a monthly stipend of € 1.600 
  • professional journalistic skill enhancement courses 
  • a chance to work in a German or an Indian newsroom  
  • an extensive cultural program
  • a field trip in Germany or India, respectively


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